Thursday, July 9, 2009

His Name

* This one just came out today. It flowed so effortlessly, it almost wrote itself.

His Name

From the first day I picked up my pen, 

He was the source of my inspiration for these words

Words that could not express that feeling, 

That feeling you feel when it doesn’t seem real 

When one day you’re in ecstasy and the next day He messes with me
with those words, or lack thereof.
And I try, I try so hard to stay out of my mind
and see Him with eyes clear from fear, or uncertainty, or doubt, 

And sustain a young woman whole and complete
whether She feels His affection or stays without.
For the night, and another, and another

Declining other invites because Her soul knows what’s real,

From the first instant She could feel

and gave Him His Name in Her book of Few.
So Few had ever touched Her the way that He had,

Looking with eyes not of scared of Her Light,

But fearful of His own Name so they remain the Same,

With one hand in Her pocket, and the other extended in vain.

Sometimes He would show His face
and it looked so familiar when He almost arrived 

So close I could see the way his shoulders relaxed
when He stopped trying so hard.
Just Stop, For one second and see what’s in front of you
before you keep walking,
before I start walking. 


Another day His face would change, emotions would fade
and I would give Him another Name.
But again, it was still the Same.
And I never cared how many books would tell me
Men Love Bitches or He’s Just not That into You

I just always kept it real, expressing my heart with all pride aside,
I shared what was always inside, 

Because I knew in the depths of my Soul
He loved me just as much 

So much that it scared Him, and Him, and Him too
And sometimes he’d just watch my tears or listen to my fears,
like a statue so cold and unmoved.
Oh how he hid his emotion so well, I wondered where it went.
But I saw it all and I watched as well, as he played his role so well.
Because, You know...
it’s just so much easier when you don’t respond when they call you,

By Your Name….. 

Sometimes I feel like He forgets my Name,
but when I look in his eyes, its still the Same
Won’t He Feed me some consistency?
SHOW me that you hear me, SHOW me that you’re Here with Me
and that the man I see has the same identity that I knew from Day One
SHOW me and TELL me that your still someone
Someone I know so well.

Should I remind Him of His name?
Or should I just walk away?
Yes, maybe I’ll just walk away today and know I still remain
and that I didn’t forget my Name.
Because at the end of the day, We’re one in the same.
And Baby I don’t Need You at all.
Cause you’ll still be here, whether I ever see you again at all.
Cause I had you even before you uttered my Name at all
Cause I had you inside of me before you knew what even hit you at all.
I had you inside of me. I had you inside of me.
Because your Name is LOVE. Your Name is LOVE
And for Now, I’m still right Here, and you have nothing to be fearful of.

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