Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You and Me


Holding you, holding me,
Holding back the fears within me
For the first time I am free
Letting go of all that I used to Be

Feeling you, feeling me
Traveling past the gates of my insecurity
To a place where there is no Me
How reviving this moment is indeed

Breathing you, breathing me
Melting into a vastness as infinite as the sea
This Rhymthic dance, pulling me deeper
Entering a place where we can just BE FREE

Enter my world where boundaries don't exist
And the Light within me gives you the sweet escape you thought you'd missed
And more, Come inside, every ounce of my soul, Explore
Until you can read the story of my life, because the pages I had torn

Trusting you, Trusting me,
And just in case there was some uncertainty
I'll tell you now that You're my inspiration
for these word’s manifestation

But these words just don't suffice
feel like giving you a thousand nights
No these words they can't explain
Suppose, I'll just tell you another day

Monday, November 17, 2008

Take Your Stand


I think I’ll take a moment and make a few things known,
About what a True Queen appears like, Grace upon on her Throne

An image of Isis, Shakti, Kwan Yin, Tara, and Mary,
With the female's Divine Energy, all of us she will carry

The Beauty of a Woman is not found in her hips,
but in the depths of her mind, the Words that dance off her Lips

And I have found The beauty of a woman is not determined by the brand of her shoes
or the style of her dress,
But by the way she can heal you with one soothing caress

The beauty of a Woman is not a reflection of her wealth
Rather in the way she stimulates you to think and feel, to seek your Higher Self

The beauty of a Woman is not displayed by the size of her breasts,
but in the way she can help us reveal all that we've repressed

Understand that a Woman’s real beauty can not be seen by all,
For others may be blinded by her radiance, so they decide to rather withdraw

It takes a real man to courageously take in all of her Being,
Without being fearful of the way he may be left feeling

So will the real women please stand up?
We’ve been waiting mighty long,
Yet you still choose to self-destruct.

Because babydoll, I'm talkin to you,
Isn't it ironic that I'm HERE talkin to you?
Fixing all that is wrong, cleaning up after you

Took the power to turn purity into unhealthy addiction
Can’t you REALize your love was the perfect prescription?
Now we're all makin sense of the purpose of your afflictions

Because the realization of pain
Is a confirmation of love not in vain
An opening of the Heart for the whole world's gain

So will the real women please stand up?
There's some mighty ONES before us,
Needing a queen at their right hand
Because the real women are here to lift us up
The time is here, to end the fear
Won't you take your stand?
Won't you take your stand?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Confused about your Job, Purpose, etc?

Today I came across a random blog posted by a friend and a part of me felt compelled to answer. I like to share this because you never know if you can take something from it for you. Enjoy (Its long, so have fun)


Her Blog:
I have 3 different job possibilities right now, and I have to make a decision rather quickly. I have already taken up too much time, doing a little here, a little there,, and getting nowhere in the long run. At 25 years old, I should already be in my career. So yeah, I finished my Bachelors at FIU last December with Liberal Arts and Psychology. None of those things have helped me find a great job that I love right now. Everyone wants EXPERIENCE of some kind. Below I will list the 3 possibilities that I have to choose from and their pro's and con's. If you have anything to add or suggest, PLEASE DO SO!! I welcome comments!

My answer:

Hi Teresa,

I came across your note on Facebook regarding your job options and wanted to share some thoughts with you that arose within me as I read your situation.

First of all the thought "I should be farther along in my career" is a very dangerous, untrue assumption. All "shoulds" come from a place of opposition to what IS. What IS, IS. There is no point in feeling inadequate or unaccomplished because you have not reached this Illusion of what you or some else thinks you "should" have done by now. This feeling comes when you start comparing yourself to others. You think "Well so-and-so already graduated and has such-and-such job, and I don’t, so that means I'm not good enough". We both know this is NOT TRUE.

So I ask you, first remove that thought from your thinking. Imagine that there were never any rules, standards or usual paths that people take in their lives. Imagine if you could live life day by day, without feeling you need to do something to be considered accomplished. Well in actuality, this is REALITY. You have ju st created the story of “SHOULD” So take that all away with a Big Jumbo Size eraser! Really go there in your mind. Experience the Freedom of no Expectations to Live up To. Feel how liberating it is! Got it? See how much better it feels? No bad feelings! Cool huh?

So now that we have established that where you are RIGHT NOW is perfect and necessary, we can move on to your True Desires.
Second of all, any decisions you make in your life should be what TERESA wants, not what your parents or friends think you "should" do. You can apprecaite their advice, but ultimately YOU must decide your path, because only YOU know what you TRULY want.

Which brings me to my next subject: Many people our age have not figured out what they want to do with their life and Guess What? THAT’S OK! We can only see this vision for ourselves when we stop with the stories and LOOK INSIDE. Most people never dare to do this so they live unhappy their entire lives in a job they hate, because they spent their whole lives trying to make others happy and impress them.

So I have a little exercise for you (and don’t worry, you wont even break a sweat). Sit in your room, close your eyes, and just act yourself “What do I want?” Not, “What Should I do?”, “What will make my parents happy?”, “Which job is more glamorous?” All of these are unimportant and will leave you dissatisfied when you stay untrue to yourself. Just act yourself “What do I want?” Remember your job will not bring happiness, just as a man or money won’t either. Happiness is found within yourself. A job simply allows you to use your given talents and abilities to bring more satisfaction to your self and others. “How do I feel I can best be of service to others and make money at the same time?” Your heart and soul will answer you, when you know you are right, your body will respond, you will feel tingles, you will smile, and you will feel Right. That is YOUR INTUITION, YOUR TRUE SELF. LISTEN TO HER. SHE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. However, usually our mind is so busy that we cant hear our TRUE SELVES.

From my observation, it looks like you already know what you want to do and that is be in the entertainment industry. In this regard, I can relate to you. I went to UM and have my Bachelors in Psychology & Criminology and when I graduated, I found myself wanting to dance, which progressed to modeling, TV hosting, and acting in commercials. Now I am entering production and writing. I tell you this because my parents thought I was crazy to do something so “unsure” when I had a degree that could give me “a good with good money” Well guess what? Money does NOT BRING HAPPINESS and I’m not looking for a “cookie cutter life” with a big house with a white=2 0picket fence, a hot, intelligent husband, 2 All-Star Kids and I dog named “Champ”. Not to mention the job other people thought I “should” have. A job that is considered “respectable and admirable” is not what I felt my talents were for that period of my life. I wanted to express myself, to be Free… and that is what I happily did, With no regrets, not caring what others thought I “should” have done. I won’t lie, “Sometimes my ego would say “Marisol, you are so much smarter and educated than all these women here, why don’t you just go and get a good job?” but something inside of me knew I was blessed, I am special, I have these talents and personality for a bigger reason, and all of the pieces to this puzzle will soon come together.

As I grew in realization, I discovered that it was not the aspect of being “a star” that lured me into entertainment, but the ability to “capture people’s attention and change their lives, even if for a brief moment”. However, I found the messages I sought to share with the world also changed. I no longer found value in fame, money, clothes, and the impermanent, but rather in that which is always HERE if we let it in, LOVE, PEACE, GRATITUDE, HAPPINESS.

The reason I share this story is to help you ask yourself, “Why do I want this?”, “What do I hope to attain with this particular career path?” You may find that: That which you are seeking through a job or career, is already HERE inside of you. No job title will make you who you already are and that my love is Pure Love and Light.

So listen to that voice inside and follow it. Choose your own Destiny. You already know, you only need to listen….

In Love & Light,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flight 1108 - Trip to NOWhere


Rise and shine, I'm opening the blinds,
Can't you see the sky's so clear?
It's such a lovely day to fly,
So get up and go, I'll drop you off, pick you up sometime next year.

It looks like your flights about to leave,
Are you ready to go? You got much to achieve
You been plannin this trip for so mighty long, so I ask,
Why do you look like somethings wrong?

Even if you stay here, you know I got your back,
but trust me, its much better there,
so I booked your flight and even helped you pack.

You don't even need to take that coat,
its not that cold over there,
In fact, the weather's oh so warm,
but maybe thats something a part of You can't Bare.

I speak from experience, I made that trip sometime ago,
Ask me When? I can't even recall,
Where I was before then? Its not even a memory at all.

You see, I can point you in the right Direction,
Show u Me, your own Reflection,
But I can't pick you up and take you,
Although I wish I could
Cause I got my own wings to take me,
Carry u and it might break me,
Although I'm feelin like I could,
feelin like I should,
feelin like I would...

Cause fly with me and its a one way trip,
I don't buy that ticket round,
Back n forth aint the way this lady travels
But you can join me if your down.

If you're flying with me, there's no need for all those bags,
in fact I got no room,
I prefer to travel light,
besides all you really need is YOU.

And I must remind you,
although the skies are clear today,
tomorrow may be dark and stormy,
turning various shades of grey.

I really need you to be ready,
there's usually turbulence on those longer flights,
but in the end you'll feel so much relief
that you made it through the night.

So get on board, and Soar with me,
we can go anywhere you Desire
To a place I know you've never been,
somewhere that's so much Higher

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Story of a Girl


This is the story of a girl, who once knew not who she was,
Who was looking for answers, for meaning because

Who would turn on the TV and see her own face,
yet still lacked something deeper to appear in that space

Who searched everywhere outside of herself,
When all along that something was inside her True Self

This is the story of a girl, who one day met a man
Who saw the Light within her in a way no other could understand

Who sat in the forest, and witnessed her hands glow
and knew there was something much greater to know

Who unexpectedly discovered a mate for her soul,
Who opened her heart so she could touch the whole world

This is the story of a girl, who realized the world was always in her palms,
When she recognized this Power, knew she could heal all that which was wrong

Who walked away from First Love to let herself discover,
That the awareness she possessed was in no one else but her

Who learned how to trust her own ability to Inspire,
And began to feel truly able to take others Higher

This is the story of a girl, who learned how to accept,
To trust Divine Order and have no regrets

Who remembered to love even deeper when she didn't get "her way"
Who knew when to stay around and when to walk away

This is the story of girl, who found the purest love is born when you don't even try
Who’s ready to Love, who now surrenders with no pride

Who can fall in Love and watch the Passionate Story unfold
Feel each moment deeply, yet still know she is Whole

Who appreciates her own Light, now loves her own skin,
and trusts her inner beauty radiates from within

See this story is me, and her you can become too,
It only takes seeing there is nothing left to do

That all we are looking for is already Here,
When we substitute Love in place of the fear.

- Marisol Tamez, 2008