Monday, June 22, 2009

In My Quiet Solitude...

(*It had been awhile since I took the time to listen to her express herself... so here we go...)

In my quiet solitude, I bask in the infinite greatness that is I.

Thru the sun ray's energy, he pierces my skin,
finding a place in my heart and I invite him Home.

It's the Sweetest Submission,
even when I'm alone.
For I know he's been Here,
because the pages are worn.

Traveling thru unfamiliar territories, Navigated by few before,
The Unknown finds his place by my side,
be it for one day, one year, one lifetime or more.

And while still in my wholeness, I observe myself in him, and him in I.
His words become mine, his essence inside,
from his skin against mine, to the Love in his eyes.

It is through this Love that we always progress,
As we share, accept, and simply reflect.
With new realizations, perceived limitations transgressed,
'Til we speak from our souls, now Free to express.

Gazing at the stars, who've written all these lines,
Savoring the moments in this life so perfectly planned.
Now I'll humbly remind, Should we meet again another time,
may I again have the pleasure of simply holding his hand.

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