Sunday, December 28, 2008

Open Heart


A moment in time can birth the purest love,
A moment of confirmation there is nothing to be fearful of.
For I have found what I thought was once impossibility,
Unconditional Acceptance, Understanding, and True Humility.

It is with this that we're growing
and thru you I am knowing
That we can infinitely exist
when one vision still persists.

No boundaries are written, no demands to be,
Brother, sister, friend, lover,
You are everything and nothing to me.
My teacher, my muse, you are beloved inspiration like no other.

And with the meeting of our eyes,
I see all the reasons why,
We have met here on this journey,
To uphold each other when we believe our stories.

As we look into stars
and imagine an entire world as bright as ours,
There's no doubt we can transcend,
For there's nothing to pretend, there is nothing left to mend.

Because today I am so open.
My heart overflows with love and affection for the beauty of love and truth.
My body responds with smiles and laughter as it exudes eternal youth.
By soul travels free in time and space, and of this I need no proof.

So I will savor every moment with those I love without question,
As we honor our unions, perfectly synchronized beyond comprehension
Though change is constant, the truth remains.
Though change is constant, we are all the same.

I love you my friend, for you and I are one.
I love you ‘til there’s no end, this moment’s just begun.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I AM (AWARENESS for you)


I AM (AWARENESS for you)

Your everything and nothing
Your reminder its okay,
The energy that pulls you back,
When you feel you've gone astray

The light reflecting from the sun and piercing through your eyes,
The wind that blows into your face, when you run out of reasons why
What you've always wanted, but feared when you received
Want you never wanted, Impossible to conceive.

The sand that kisses your feet and wraps around your toes
The voice inside of you, speaking softly for you to Know
The moonlight reflecting on the midnight ocean, cleansing your "right and wrongs"
The sound your fingers make when you play another song

Your everything and nothing,
If you'll take me Here today
So much to be seen and felt
So much that's in the way

The reflection of You,
Higher Self of You
What's Here, What's True?
What's Left of You?

Waiting to be seen,
Waiting in between
I am Here, I am You
I am Awareness for You.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Looking down from balconys edge,
She spotted Salvation embodied in human form,
Bring me down to your ground,
Hold me in your center, as if I was never born.

As His hair flowed in the wind,
she longed for the energy of her Warrior of Light,
Its been grand in the clouds, but I feel now its time,
Lets go back to that night, when our meeting was right.

Then he replied, he would love to stay and try,
but his Purpose was There and he was just passing by.
So he gave her a sword to protect against Lies
and a staff to remind her, to stand tall and guide

And she smiled and she cried for she always knew why,
A beautiful dream, a Love unseen
And she knew in her heart,
another lifetime apart....

Monday, December 8, 2008



Moving through time,
days to nights but I'm not blind
Still standing here,
New things I find
Still turning
Lives converging
Into you, falling into you
Over and out, seeing through you.

Still standing here,
Look out, you're not there,
Always knew you cared,
All these lifetimes never fair.

He's Crying like a child,
still trying all the while
While I'm dying through my smile.
When his heart no longer dials.

Still standing Here
Falling over the edge,
Let go of the past
when I Let go of my grasp,
Final breath as one,
Then separate I become.

Now it's my time,
Got no time
To wait until you feel
Its time

Still standing Here,
But it's just me, myself, and I,
My way to break the cry,
That way you can't deny.
Maybe You can see me....
Still standing here,
But I already said Goodbye,
You already said Goodbye.

Monday, December 1, 2008



Rest your head on my heart, a moment in time stops
and sound becomes so clear,
Rising chest from breaths of intense words unsaid, held dear
Tracing the lines of your face, leading to a place no one knows
Follow the path to my heart, to a home where you can go.
No judgment, no trying, accepting all, nothing denying
I can see all of you, because I can feel all of you, just like it was yesterday
And Now You can see me in You, my Beautiful friend, I’ll never go away
Colored Sunlight reflecting on the window, greeting us good day,
Counting water drops kissing you in a simple yet amazing way.
Clouds flying high telling stories of fantasy
Synchronized breaths, energy telling me we’ve been he re previously.
Tell me your story, bare me your soul,
crazy beautiful mind, but you’re in control
Discovering depths, nothing must be understood
No answers are necessary, only feeling what is good.
Hold my open heart and feel it loving true,
Unconditional and everlasting love for the Being I call You.