Monday, October 19, 2009

They Say

I just wrote this piece in the last couple hours... Its a Spoken Word piece and I may revise it later, but its fresh with energy, so I wanted to just send it out to you guys... Enjoy... Bless... Marisol

They Say

They say I shouldn’t Love so much,
Shouldn’t reveal so much,
Should hold my tongue for just once,
Make them wonder and such

They Say ,“Honey, It’s a cold world out there and you shouldn’t Trust so much”
“Not everyone’s sweet like you, so don’t you Smile so much”
“You’re born alone and die alone, so don’t you stress him so much”

And me, with my rose-colored glasses even when the suns no longer shining,
Continue to wear my heart on my sleeve, even when its grown too cold to walk these streets without our jackets and our masks.

Show my face and speak with grace.
Remain steadfast in the knowing that my Brave Heart can rest safe among these
weary travelers when all the world’s their stage.
Actors made from fiction, words perfected with their diction
Reciting previously rehearsed lines such as:
“I’ve never felt like this”
such as:
“Its like I’ve known you forever” and such as,
“Maybe you and I could get together sometime”

And upon morning’s arrival and words denial,
I contemplate their "advice" when they told me,

“Maybe you shouldn’t Love so quick,
Make them read between the lines a bit.
You know, it always works when you act like a bitch,
I mean, look at what Jessica did and now she’s hitched”

Am I the only One who believes in Keepin it Real these days?
The only one who sees its not a one way street and you gotta travel both ways?
Should I have to pay the price because your mother never showed you enough affection?
Told you, you were nothing less than perfection
Taught you women weren’t toys for your collection
Should I have to work extra hard to attain some love, respect, and honesty?
Should I have to stay awake at home til 4 am just so you can lie next to me?

Questions posed by women when they look for Love in the wrong direction,
Searchin outside, rather than within, when Love’s all they’ve ever been.
Dealin with the wanna-be rock stars,
Amateur ballers, C. E. NOs in their rented sports cars
with their egos ablaze, shining light on their good ol’ days
of pick-up lines, and one-night-stands, and easy girls who’ll do just about anything to say “I’m with The Band”.

It’s sad to see men becoming blind when they see a Real Woman before them,
Too scared to handle a Goddess, so they ignore them.
And I take it all in stride, because I know who I am inside,
The Queen with a Spirit Greater than any lie you tell,
any hopeless expectations you fail,
Because what is Pure and Real will always prevail.

and So I ask you...
Would it hurt for you to care so much?
Think before you speak for once.
Know your words carry life, so take them more seriously for once.
Step out of your bubble and take a look at what’s inside for once.

And then maybe you’ll recognize…
This IS a woman who Loves that Much,
Who Deserves So Much,
Who is More Than Enough.

So next time when you see Her in Her Radiance, Love, and Light,
Do yourself a favor and Treat Her as Such.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was planning to write about myself on my birthday, but my imagination started going and I visualized this scenario. This is about a man and a woman with an intense attraction, who’ve unexpectedly met for the first time. They can have only one evening together, and may never see each other again after this encounter. This is what’s playing in his mind….

She’s full, hungry for more
Impulsive Satisfaction
Intensity in Action
Curious Attraction
Deep Conversation
Mental Penetration
Asking in Sublimation
Alive in Imagination

She’s unknown encounter, familiar when around her
Raw intensity, Uncensored expression
Touch relieving tension, unclear intention
She’s magnetic glance, intimate dance
Eyes that invite, invade, persuade
Could be secret lover, guardian angel undercover,
She’s untouched bliss, sacred reminisce_
scent of a woman, a lover, a child
She inhales deeply, taking all of you in
She’s tainted, pure, experienced, virgin within
She’s loud voice, soft mouth
She bites lips
Speaks without words
Reveals with a kiss.

She’s predator, she’s prey, lures either way
She plays dead, hidden from vision
Disguised Intuition.

She’s Huntress

She’s Thief-in-the-Night,
Pure Blinding Light
She’s Woman of your Dreams,
What if Nothing’s How it Seems?
She’s Hesitant Surrender,
Unexplored Pleasure
Restrained Endeavor
Unclaimed Treasure

She was radiant, transient,
left her footsteps on the tracks of your mind
She heard unclear lines, disguised as declines
read in between the lines
She’s now your deep thought
Silent Obsession
Lust’s Repression
Late Night's Question

She’s Lingering Voice, Difficult Choice
She’s Intriguing Smile, Left in Denial
Words Unsaid
Replay in your head

Slow process, fast undress
She’s your no, your yes
She knows.
So she goes.
She knows.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Midnight Exchange

I have a special affection for the Moon. I somehow relate to Her and this piece was written to explore this connection. In honor of the Full Moon tonight, I wrote this for Her... and for my Stars.

In their midnight exchange, the Moon and the Stars conversed, sharing stories of legendary dreams and immortal love.

Some dared explore Her aura, staring into Her intriguing Star-struck eyes, attempting to decipher the intentions behind Her blazing luminescence.

As She grew wiser, She gained confidence in Her own force, witnessing Her ability to pull the tides when She boldly face the world.

She revealed Her Truth in doses, reflecting the Star’s own radiance through Her brief lasting impressions.
On cyclical occasions She would bare Herself fully, sensing the Stars anticipation for the nights when She would make herself available to quench their curious thirst.

Although She danced through the Universe in solitude, twirling through Her private dimensions, She never turned Her face away from Her steadfast companions.

Some Stars stayed near, witnessing the powerful Light emitted when they tip toed through Her atmosphere.
Others met Her darker side, as She shunned away those whose motives where revealed as She stared through them deeply, exposing their core.

Those Stars which collided with Her in Her youth, had left their lasting impressions on Her previously untouched surface.
These comets and meteors’ impacts had given Her wisdom and character, making Her more beautiful to those Stars who later delved into Her depths.

She intuitively selected the brightest Stars to form their constellations, carefully aligned so as to tell their stories through verse.
As the Moon and the Stars made love in the dark, they carved their destiny in the night sky,
guiding those who believed in the power of their creations.

Although they shone side by side, She remained knowing She would stand alone, lifetimes repeating a past already written by Her gleaming witnesses.

Guiding Her Lover with no name, She wrote bravely, transmitting Her messages into the Twilight of Night.
And there She remained, spinning in the darkness, until the Sun would come along and lay Her spirit to rest.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Being OK with What IS

Being OK with What IS

Have you ever noticed how quickly and easy it is to change your mood? The reason this occurs is because every single time anything occurs, we automatically give it a label. We think “Great! This is Awesome!” or maybe “No Way! This sucks!”. Once our minds decide if something is good or bad, we automatically generate an emotional response, we become happy, scared, angry, sad, excited, disappointed, etc. These emotions can sometimes be very powerful, altering our entire mood and composure. Sooner or later, before we know it, we find that we aren’t even in control, and our basically handing over our power to other people.

The irony of this is that we ourselves are the only ones that truly have the power to affect our mood and personal state. Think about it, wouldn’t you always like to be in a peaceful state, with a just “go-with-the-flow” attitude? Most of us, would probably enjoy our time here on earth much better if we learned to accept everything that occurs, rather than resisting or fighting reality.

Now what I’m going to explain to you may take some time to truly get used to, but after a while if you learn to think in this manner, you can avoid a lot of inner drama. The most important thing to understand is that our PERCEPTION of things is what affects our emotions. The next time you’re somewhere and you feel, see, or hear something that doesn’t sit well with you, step out of your mind and ask yourself: “Why do I feel this way?”. I promise you that 100% of the time it will be because you labeled this situation as “negative or bad”. When this happens, you can instantly stop the uneasy feeling, by DROPPING THE LABEL. Who said what happened was bad? There is always a reason why everything occurs and with patience, we always find the answers and reasons are revealed to us. Don’t be so quick to give everything a label. EVERYTHING JUST “IS”, and more importantly, IT’S NOT PERSONAL. The only reason you would perceive something as bad is because its not what you want or offends your ego.

When you can learn to accept things as they occur and expect nothing from every situation, you can eliminate your emotional reactions and begin to truly appreciate everything and everyone JUST AS THEY ARE. When you practice this NON-EXPECTATION AND NON-JUDGEENT, you will begin to slowly witness a shift in yourself towards a state of GRATITUDE. When you are in this place, you can not help but feel LOVE and COMPASSION for everyone, because NOTHING IS PERSONAL...And remember, when you accept what IS, you’re not losing anything, rather making yourself more open and available for what is TRULY MEANT FOR YOU.




Thursday, October 1, 2009


Every single day, I am blessed with further understanding. I am grateful for the wisdom I gain everyday. We already know so much... its all inside of us, waiting to be recognized. Amazingly enough, we make the greatest strides through the exploration of human interactions which occur with reflections of ourselves. I wrote this in honor of that.


Speak to me,
Find haven in my Light, illuminating the reflection of Self.
Let us build ourselves, remembering long forgotten wisdom,
while we dive into the pages of each others stories,
written long before the manifestation of physical birth.

Our time here has singular purpose,
a gently weaving presence I gladly welcome.
Supreme understanding,
born only when concepts and attachments are released.

Let us not compare yesterday to tomorrow,
for the past does not exist in infinite time and space.
Rather imagine the never ending depths,
as we journey further than few will dare to explore.
And if we reflect on history’s purity,
let us rest in the knowing that yesterday occurred to build a more powerful union, one free of altered perceptions.

There is no road, no map, no destination,
No definite path to our ultimate selves.
Uncharted seas and fresh terrains are all that we navigate,
Each others patterns discovered anew provide clarity and acceptance.

I lay my head to rest and my soul feels not alone,
having conversed with its counterpart,
finding renewed strength in the exchange.

I thank God for not wanting,
Finding fulfillment when souls play.
The rawest of exchanges ever-present,
human minds realizing only a small fraction of what occurs.

And If a desire arises, let it be One of Truth,
Gods infinite wisdom multiplying within,
only to be divided unto nations in darkness.