Monday, September 14, 2009

From Up Here

Hey there Beautiful People,

So tonight I saw Pink’s Amazing Trapeze Performance of her track “Sober” on the MTV VMA’S and was so inspired that I wrote this piece to complement it. You can watch the 4 minute act on the link below and you’ll get a much better feel for my piece. Bless, Marisol"

From Up Here

Walking barefoot on a one way track to nowhere
This time I won’t look back, or wander side to side
Took the beaten path a few times one too many
Got a new road and I don’t care to hitch a ride

And Up here its much easier to breathe
Up here there’s no one else I really even need
From way up here their voices have no meaning
Cause from up here there’s so much I really see

They said, eyes closed, just hold on tightly
but with nothing grasped I feel like I can fly
They said, three times, the world belongs to you
but the more I claimed, the more I slowly died

Those games will not suffice another season
next time I hear those words, I’ll listen to my advice
And I don’t care to hear mellow-dramatic reasons,
next time I give me up, I think I’ll just think twice

He said, hold on, your almost done here
and all the while I thought I’d only just begun
He said, three times, you’re gonna make it,
and now I see that I’m the only One

Sky high, you’ll never touch me
Up Here, can’t even see the madness in their eyes
So High, can’t even feel you
Think I’ll stay here for another thousand lives

They said, Hold on, you’re gonna make it,
and now I see that I’m the only One
They said, three times, the world Belongs to you
and now I see that I’m the only One

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