Tuesday, September 22, 2009


About 9 months ago, I remember sitting in Satsang at my dear friend Ash’s home and having him ask us what we wanted to manifest for the New Year. One could call this our New Year’s Intention. I thought for a while of all the things I desired at that time: love from a partner, financial freedom, true independence, etc. As I thought of all those things, I remember how uncomfortable it felt to create a place of “need” or “inadequacy” for myself. I felt like I was creating more and more stress and after awhile, I thought in my head, “I want to not want”. For a moment, I debated whether I would even say that aloud, but it was truly what I wanted most: to simply not want. I stated the intention into the Universe and Let it Be.

Last night during a conversation with a close friend, I finally realized that I was so much closer than I even realized and that it took all of the events that occurred this year to help me see that I indeed do not need absolutely anything.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, this does not mean that I walk around aimlessly without any goals or purpose. I am passionate about many things: writing, creativity, music, expression, people, etc, however I know that none of these things define me. No material accomplishment or possession will ever define my self-worth or talent. I can remove all of these “wants” and I am still left with my raw essence of Love and simply Being.

So I would like to ask you:

Why place stress upon yourself yearning for something you do not have? Why waste energy attempting to recreate a past moment or force a future? Why create negative feelings trying to make a person see or feel something the way you do?
In all honesty, all of these “wants” are hopeless, because ultimately what IS, just IS, and no wanting, worrying, or yearning will change reality.

I have found that “not wanting anything” is a direct path to true freedom. “Not wanting” does not equate to laziness or apathy, rather “not wanting” is simply FAITH.

Instead of being in a negative state, Why not simply state your Intentions and ALLOW? Be OPEN to the Infinite Possibilities than can occur at any moment if you are Available and Willing. Have Faith that what is in your path, will be in your path when the timing is correct.

By all means, feel free to execute the necessary steps to achieve your goals in your career, spiritual life, family/love life, etc, but do them from a place of KNOWING. Knowing what is Yours, is Already Yours. What is yours is always revealed to you and when this happens everything makes complete sense. Remember that wherever you are at this very moment is exactly where you need to be. Everything that surrounds you, what you are doing, who is in your life, all of these things have been perfectly placed here for this moment, And this moment will last however long it must, until a new moment comes to help you move along your personal path.

So I urge you to enjoy every single moment, the ones that bring you pain, pleasure, sadness, and happiness. Appreciate everything and everyone you have right now. Do not waste your time wanting a past and a future so much, that you fail to see the beauty of this moment. If you open your eyes, the eyes of the spirit, you will see that everything you have ever wanted is already Here... in this Moment.



“When I was a child, I saw what I wanted and begged for it more. When I grew older, I saw what I wanted and worked harder to get it. Then I grew wiser, and saw what I wanted was indeed nothing at all.” - Marisol Tamez

“Look with your Eyes and you see Nothing, Look with your Soul and you See The World.” - Marisol Tamez

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