Monday, October 27, 2008

Because I See the God in You...

What you see in me is what I behold in you,
We’ve been Chosen for a Higher Good
Allowing me to hear, to feel, to know your Truth
Much Deeper than I thought I would

But they all can’t see what I so clearly see,
Gone astray, pulled by tides of ignorance & complexity.
You see its all so simple, but some can make it so hard,
Looking straight at the Prize, that’s been obscured by Lies,
Stories of pride, false illusions so grand
Blinded by the Intense rays of your unwavering Certainty in The Master Plan,

So I watch and I listen, as the Divine speaks His heart,
How confusion and pain, brought distress to Self, and made its scarred mark
A reflection of “Inaugural Love”, actually Present from the Start
Before you were Breathed in this Body, Love was what you Were, Love is what you Are

So now as we Live Day by Day, I will walk with you along your Path
A Hand to Hold, our Minds we’ll Mold, my Soul to ease the cares Away
Give you my Healing Love to reassure you I Believe,
Because I see the God in You, undoubtedly the Truth.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Marisol this is a beautiful Poem!
Thanks for posting it...or writing it.