Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let Me

Hello Beautiful Souls,

If you are receiving this, it is because you are one of the special people with whom I would like to share my poetry with. I just wrote this piece in the last hour, so it is fresh with my energy right now. As you may know, its a full moon tonight which brings out the rawness in me and of course the Love which oozes out of me and all my writings ;) Thank you for sharing my heart and being a source of inspiration.
Love, Mar Y Sol

Let me Write

Let me write for those who make music and rhymes
and carry passion in their eyes.
For those whose lips can express their heart
and send messages miles apart.

Let me Write

my name across your heart
your soul, let you lose control
let pleasures unfold
let your heart I mold
experience moments untold.
Witness what’s possible
when your bed’s no longer cold.

Let me Write

and teach you how to feel
to believe in the unreal
to allow you to breath deeply
when my feelings I reveal.

Let me Express

because we all just want some love and affection.
Time together, giving you my sole attention
and need I mention
how we’ll relax and unwind
with legs intertwined,
searching deeper for treasures
that few dare to find.

Let me Bare

Bare my body, anticipating the first time we’ll undress
Bare my heart, instant comfort makes it feel safe to express
Bare my mind, for intentions have no life if suppressed
Bare my soul, if you will listen to desires I confess.

Let me Love

Nothing less than what I always dreamed
Nothing more than it always seemed.
Finding in the final scenes,
Eternal lovers are few and far between.

Let me Love

because I’ve been set free
allowing me to clearly see
what I’ve wanted all along for me.
Now this is the only Truth set free,
that possibilities are real and infinitely me.

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