Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Stripping herself of the distinction between Right and Wrong,
She stared at her Bare Body in the Mirror before Her.
Candlelight illuminated Her Face.
There were no scars, no bruises and for that Moment she thought herself Immortal.

There was something different about that Night.
The Seeds of Curiosity and Intrigue had been Planted,
Allowing her to Cultivate Life thru their Direct Experience.
Some Flowers would Bloom, others would Die
and Both brought her Pain and Pleasure.

She knew better than to ignore Intuition,
But she had danced with the Devil and made Love in the Dark.

By the time Light peered its head thru the upstairs window,
Her cards were Laying on the Table, No Aces left up Her Sleeve.

She knew their Exchange was only Temporary,
So she Breathed Him in Deep,
creating a Reserve for use upon His Departure.

She Stared Intensely at Her Reflection,
Neither blinking, Raw Unspoken Truth.
Words need not be said, when a Gaze explains what one Innately Senses.
But her Intoxication gave Her Courage
And for that Moment, There was Nothing she Feared.

She was Looking at Freedom,
Having Long been Present Within Her Being,
Yet Somehow having Rested Its Head For Longer than Intended.
This Beauty that attracted her, would be the same that would push her away.
And this she Knew.

The Interplay of Light and Dark bouncing off the Glass Fascinated Her,
Piercing her Heart and Stinging her Soul in Sweet Surrender.
She Reached out, wanting to Grasp the Silver Glimmer that was Birthed from their Merging,
But she quickly Realized it was Not to be Clenched,
as she Witnessed Blood Slowly Seeping from her Fingers.

Her Focus Slowly Rose from her Red Hand,
Meeting His Eyes Once More.
And She Smiled.
Eyes of Love Saying “Thank You”
For that was All She had to Give.

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