Thursday, October 1, 2009


Every single day, I am blessed with further understanding. I am grateful for the wisdom I gain everyday. We already know so much... its all inside of us, waiting to be recognized. Amazingly enough, we make the greatest strides through the exploration of human interactions which occur with reflections of ourselves. I wrote this in honor of that.


Speak to me,
Find haven in my Light, illuminating the reflection of Self.
Let us build ourselves, remembering long forgotten wisdom,
while we dive into the pages of each others stories,
written long before the manifestation of physical birth.

Our time here has singular purpose,
a gently weaving presence I gladly welcome.
Supreme understanding,
born only when concepts and attachments are released.

Let us not compare yesterday to tomorrow,
for the past does not exist in infinite time and space.
Rather imagine the never ending depths,
as we journey further than few will dare to explore.
And if we reflect on history’s purity,
let us rest in the knowing that yesterday occurred to build a more powerful union, one free of altered perceptions.

There is no road, no map, no destination,
No definite path to our ultimate selves.
Uncharted seas and fresh terrains are all that we navigate,
Each others patterns discovered anew provide clarity and acceptance.

I lay my head to rest and my soul feels not alone,
having conversed with its counterpart,
finding renewed strength in the exchange.

I thank God for not wanting,
Finding fulfillment when souls play.
The rawest of exchanges ever-present,
human minds realizing only a small fraction of what occurs.

And If a desire arises, let it be One of Truth,
Gods infinite wisdom multiplying within,
only to be divided unto nations in darkness.


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