Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was planning to write about myself on my birthday, but my imagination started going and I visualized this scenario. This is about a man and a woman with an intense attraction, who’ve unexpectedly met for the first time. They can have only one evening together, and may never see each other again after this encounter. This is what’s playing in his mind….

She’s full, hungry for more
Impulsive Satisfaction
Intensity in Action
Curious Attraction
Deep Conversation
Mental Penetration
Asking in Sublimation
Alive in Imagination

She’s unknown encounter, familiar when around her
Raw intensity, Uncensored expression
Touch relieving tension, unclear intention
She’s magnetic glance, intimate dance
Eyes that invite, invade, persuade
Could be secret lover, guardian angel undercover,
She’s untouched bliss, sacred reminisce_
scent of a woman, a lover, a child
She inhales deeply, taking all of you in
She’s tainted, pure, experienced, virgin within
She’s loud voice, soft mouth
She bites lips
Speaks without words
Reveals with a kiss.

She’s predator, she’s prey, lures either way
She plays dead, hidden from vision
Disguised Intuition.

She’s Huntress

She’s Thief-in-the-Night,
Pure Blinding Light
She’s Woman of your Dreams,
What if Nothing’s How it Seems?
She’s Hesitant Surrender,
Unexplored Pleasure
Restrained Endeavor
Unclaimed Treasure

She was radiant, transient,
left her footsteps on the tracks of your mind
She heard unclear lines, disguised as declines
read in between the lines
She’s now your deep thought
Silent Obsession
Lust’s Repression
Late Night's Question

She’s Lingering Voice, Difficult Choice
She’s Intriguing Smile, Left in Denial
Words Unsaid
Replay in your head

Slow process, fast undress
She’s your no, your yes
She knows.
So she goes.
She knows.

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Speaks Beliefs said...

damn... i love the wordplay in this piece. your words create a vivid image in mind's eye. i wanted to be in this moment while reading. thanks for sharing.