Saturday, October 3, 2009

Midnight Exchange

I have a special affection for the Moon. I somehow relate to Her and this piece was written to explore this connection. In honor of the Full Moon tonight, I wrote this for Her... and for my Stars.

In their midnight exchange, the Moon and the Stars conversed, sharing stories of legendary dreams and immortal love.

Some dared explore Her aura, staring into Her intriguing Star-struck eyes, attempting to decipher the intentions behind Her blazing luminescence.

As She grew wiser, She gained confidence in Her own force, witnessing Her ability to pull the tides when She boldly face the world.

She revealed Her Truth in doses, reflecting the Star’s own radiance through Her brief lasting impressions.
On cyclical occasions She would bare Herself fully, sensing the Stars anticipation for the nights when She would make herself available to quench their curious thirst.

Although She danced through the Universe in solitude, twirling through Her private dimensions, She never turned Her face away from Her steadfast companions.

Some Stars stayed near, witnessing the powerful Light emitted when they tip toed through Her atmosphere.
Others met Her darker side, as She shunned away those whose motives where revealed as She stared through them deeply, exposing their core.

Those Stars which collided with Her in Her youth, had left their lasting impressions on Her previously untouched surface.
These comets and meteors’ impacts had given Her wisdom and character, making Her more beautiful to those Stars who later delved into Her depths.

She intuitively selected the brightest Stars to form their constellations, carefully aligned so as to tell their stories through verse.
As the Moon and the Stars made love in the dark, they carved their destiny in the night sky,
guiding those who believed in the power of their creations.

Although they shone side by side, She remained knowing She would stand alone, lifetimes repeating a past already written by Her gleaming witnesses.

Guiding Her Lover with no name, She wrote bravely, transmitting Her messages into the Twilight of Night.
And there She remained, spinning in the darkness, until the Sun would come along and lay Her spirit to rest.

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Charles Ribeiro said...

This is a beautiful poem!! I love the way you write, I'll definaetly by your book , just let me kmow when it's out.