Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flight 1108 - Trip to NOWhere


Rise and shine, I'm opening the blinds,
Can't you see the sky's so clear?
It's such a lovely day to fly,
So get up and go, I'll drop you off, pick you up sometime next year.

It looks like your flights about to leave,
Are you ready to go? You got much to achieve
You been plannin this trip for so mighty long, so I ask,
Why do you look like somethings wrong?

Even if you stay here, you know I got your back,
but trust me, its much better there,
so I booked your flight and even helped you pack.

You don't even need to take that coat,
its not that cold over there,
In fact, the weather's oh so warm,
but maybe thats something a part of You can't Bare.

I speak from experience, I made that trip sometime ago,
Ask me When? I can't even recall,
Where I was before then? Its not even a memory at all.

You see, I can point you in the right Direction,
Show u Me, your own Reflection,
But I can't pick you up and take you,
Although I wish I could
Cause I got my own wings to take me,
Carry u and it might break me,
Although I'm feelin like I could,
feelin like I should,
feelin like I would...

Cause fly with me and its a one way trip,
I don't buy that ticket round,
Back n forth aint the way this lady travels
But you can join me if your down.

If you're flying with me, there's no need for all those bags,
in fact I got no room,
I prefer to travel light,
besides all you really need is YOU.

And I must remind you,
although the skies are clear today,
tomorrow may be dark and stormy,
turning various shades of grey.

I really need you to be ready,
there's usually turbulence on those longer flights,
but in the end you'll feel so much relief
that you made it through the night.

So get on board, and Soar with me,
we can go anywhere you Desire
To a place I know you've never been,
somewhere that's so much Higher

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