Monday, November 17, 2008

Take Your Stand


I think I’ll take a moment and make a few things known,
About what a True Queen appears like, Grace upon on her Throne

An image of Isis, Shakti, Kwan Yin, Tara, and Mary,
With the female's Divine Energy, all of us she will carry

The Beauty of a Woman is not found in her hips,
but in the depths of her mind, the Words that dance off her Lips

And I have found The beauty of a woman is not determined by the brand of her shoes
or the style of her dress,
But by the way she can heal you with one soothing caress

The beauty of a Woman is not a reflection of her wealth
Rather in the way she stimulates you to think and feel, to seek your Higher Self

The beauty of a Woman is not displayed by the size of her breasts,
but in the way she can help us reveal all that we've repressed

Understand that a Woman’s real beauty can not be seen by all,
For others may be blinded by her radiance, so they decide to rather withdraw

It takes a real man to courageously take in all of her Being,
Without being fearful of the way he may be left feeling

So will the real women please stand up?
We’ve been waiting mighty long,
Yet you still choose to self-destruct.

Because babydoll, I'm talkin to you,
Isn't it ironic that I'm HERE talkin to you?
Fixing all that is wrong, cleaning up after you

Took the power to turn purity into unhealthy addiction
Can’t you REALize your love was the perfect prescription?
Now we're all makin sense of the purpose of your afflictions

Because the realization of pain
Is a confirmation of love not in vain
An opening of the Heart for the whole world's gain

So will the real women please stand up?
There's some mighty ONES before us,
Needing a queen at their right hand
Because the real women are here to lift us up
The time is here, to end the fear
Won't you take your stand?
Won't you take your stand?

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