Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You and Me


Holding you, holding me,
Holding back the fears within me
For the first time I am free
Letting go of all that I used to Be

Feeling you, feeling me
Traveling past the gates of my insecurity
To a place where there is no Me
How reviving this moment is indeed

Breathing you, breathing me
Melting into a vastness as infinite as the sea
This Rhymthic dance, pulling me deeper
Entering a place where we can just BE FREE

Enter my world where boundaries don't exist
And the Light within me gives you the sweet escape you thought you'd missed
And more, Come inside, every ounce of my soul, Explore
Until you can read the story of my life, because the pages I had torn

Trusting you, Trusting me,
And just in case there was some uncertainty
I'll tell you now that You're my inspiration
for these word’s manifestation

But these words just don't suffice
feel like giving you a thousand nights
No these words they can't explain
Suppose, I'll just tell you another day

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