Monday, December 1, 2008



Rest your head on my heart, a moment in time stops
and sound becomes so clear,
Rising chest from breaths of intense words unsaid, held dear
Tracing the lines of your face, leading to a place no one knows
Follow the path to my heart, to a home where you can go.
No judgment, no trying, accepting all, nothing denying
I can see all of you, because I can feel all of you, just like it was yesterday
And Now You can see me in You, my Beautiful friend, I’ll never go away
Colored Sunlight reflecting on the window, greeting us good day,
Counting water drops kissing you in a simple yet amazing way.
Clouds flying high telling stories of fantasy
Synchronized breaths, energy telling me we’ve been he re previously.
Tell me your story, bare me your soul,
crazy beautiful mind, but you’re in control
Discovering depths, nothing must be understood
No answers are necessary, only feeling what is good.
Hold my open heart and feel it loving true,
Unconditional and everlasting love for the Being I call You.

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