Saturday, December 20, 2008

I AM (AWARENESS for you)


I AM (AWARENESS for you)

Your everything and nothing
Your reminder its okay,
The energy that pulls you back,
When you feel you've gone astray

The light reflecting from the sun and piercing through your eyes,
The wind that blows into your face, when you run out of reasons why
What you've always wanted, but feared when you received
Want you never wanted, Impossible to conceive.

The sand that kisses your feet and wraps around your toes
The voice inside of you, speaking softly for you to Know
The moonlight reflecting on the midnight ocean, cleansing your "right and wrongs"
The sound your fingers make when you play another song

Your everything and nothing,
If you'll take me Here today
So much to be seen and felt
So much that's in the way

The reflection of You,
Higher Self of You
What's Here, What's True?
What's Left of You?

Waiting to be seen,
Waiting in between
I am Here, I am You
I am Awareness for You.

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