Sunday, December 28, 2008

Open Heart


A moment in time can birth the purest love,
A moment of confirmation there is nothing to be fearful of.
For I have found what I thought was once impossibility,
Unconditional Acceptance, Understanding, and True Humility.

It is with this that we're growing
and thru you I am knowing
That we can infinitely exist
when one vision still persists.

No boundaries are written, no demands to be,
Brother, sister, friend, lover,
You are everything and nothing to me.
My teacher, my muse, you are beloved inspiration like no other.

And with the meeting of our eyes,
I see all the reasons why,
We have met here on this journey,
To uphold each other when we believe our stories.

As we look into stars
and imagine an entire world as bright as ours,
There's no doubt we can transcend,
For there's nothing to pretend, there is nothing left to mend.

Because today I am so open.
My heart overflows with love and affection for the beauty of love and truth.
My body responds with smiles and laughter as it exudes eternal youth.
By soul travels free in time and space, and of this I need no proof.

So I will savor every moment with those I love without question,
As we honor our unions, perfectly synchronized beyond comprehension
Though change is constant, the truth remains.
Though change is constant, we are all the same.

I love you my friend, for you and I are one.
I love you ‘til there’s no end, this moment’s just begun.

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